Monday, April 30, 2007

May Day

May Day is a national holiday in India, and I have the day off. Nonetheless, I plan to go to the office today and get some quiet work time in. I'm hoping that RuthAnne will go to the usual May Day happening by the Charles and take her phone, so I can call her.

May Day makes me think of Morris, and I received this image in my mail this morning from a fellow member of the Pinewoods Morris Men from the annual Nantucket outing. Fools, indeed.

Tomorrow I'll be attending a wedding; one of my co-workers (Srinivas) is getting married. This will be the second wedding I've witnessed since arriving; the first was also a co-worker (Pankaj). Weddings are much more open affairs here than they have become in the U.S. and I'm pleased to be invited to them. Here are some pictures of the invitation:

I'll try to get some pictures (if appropriate) of the ceremony and reception. This wedding will be a Hindu wedding; the first one I attended was Christian (with some Hindu accents).

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