Saturday, April 21, 2007


This morning I slept until 9, the latest I've slept since I've been here, I think, and very welcome. After a quick shower I took a rickshaw to Punjagutta for breakfast at Chutneys with a co-worker, Anil. Our mission for the day was to get me a wireless router for my home and, wonder of wonders, a bicycle.

I picked up a shiny new Netgear router for Rs.2100 (and a much-needed power strip) at what amounts to a computer bazaar in Ameerpet, and then we headed back to Punjagutta in search of bike shops. And at "Pedaller's Point", I found The Grail - my wheels.

I'm now the proud owner of a Hercules Ultima 6-speed bicycle. It wasn't cheap - about Rs.4500 - but it gives me freedom. I immediately pedaled over to the Kashmir goods store where I bought my bacgammon board and played another game with the proprietor, "Fab". He says his full name is too long for anyone to remember, so he goes by his initials. [Update: Feroz.]

On the way, I made extensive use of one of my bike's key safety features: the bell. Yes, I've joined the ranks of the noise-making vehicle operators on the roads of India.

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