Tuesday, April 24, 2007

...and it's still April

Yep. 93.7F at 10:30PM. Welcome to my bedroom.

Send ice, please.


I went out for a walk to cool off. My "neighborhood", Mithila Nagar, is an odd place. There's a bunch of construction happening, and there were people working at 10PM. Also people crashed out, sleeping, at random locations: next to a door, on a small piece of grass, on the floor of a garage. I've concluded I need to spend some daylight exploring. (The dogs at night freak me out a bit...)

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  1. Welcome to India Jerry! I was reading the post you wrote after coming to Hyderabad (or should i say cyberabad) and it was interesting to note that you got a 4 bedroom aprtment. I live in Bangalore and bought a 3 bedroom apartment myself. But due to some circumstances couldnt move in there myself and had to let it out on rent. You wont believe how tough it was to find takers for a 3 bedroom house! Everyone who met us wanted a 1 or 2 room houses. So its mostly the space and demand that commands the kind of houses made I think more than the family norm :)