Sunday, April 29, 2007

Out and about

Today I did a bunch of housekeeping (sweeping, dusting and more laundry...) and then went out for a bike ride. I explored further a path I started on yesterday that goes past a security zone; today I veered off to the right and down a steep hill into a quiet residential area. After passing some kids playing cricket in the street (who were amused by my appearance...) I came upon this:

As polluted, noisy, dusty and generally scruffy as Hyderabad can be, it keeps tossing up these little oases of flowers and greenery.

I wound up at Kashmir Emporium, where I played another game of bacgammon with Feroz. He and the other fellows at the shop seemed delighted that I arrived on a bike. Feroz noted that another American had been in (a woman who works for an American bank) and had asked about bacgammon; if she returns, Feroz will try to arrange for us to meet to play.

From there I pedaled south, with a vague goal of finding the public garden. I was instead lured into an incredibly busy shopping area (so much for "shops are closed on Sundays"...). Some shops were closed; most notably the hardware store, where I had hoped to buy a crescent wrench for my bike. I walked and rode on for many blocks, stopping whenever something caught my fancy.

I bought a half a dozen plastic hangers (for Rs.30 - about 75 cents), and took pictures of these critters:

Tonight I'm having dinner with Tod Martin and his wife; Tod is an American I met at baggage claim the night I arrived in Hyderabad. We're meeting at the Taj Krisha at 8 and going to "Fusion", a new restaurant for me. I'll file a report, of course.

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  1. It was "Fusion 9", actually. I met Tod and Alvia at the bar at the Taj Krishna, and then Tod drove us over to Fusion 9.

    The food was excellent; I had my usual fresh lime soda w/salt (and managed to knock OVER the first glass and break it...), and we shared a middle eastern plate with hummous, baba ganoush, falafel and bread. For dinner I had paneer capsicum w/paratha.

    This was far and away the most expensive meal I've eaten in Hyderabad, topping even Our Place.

    Alvia arrived back from Seattle last night; I was AMAZED that she didn't collapse from jet lag during dinner.

    It was nice to share a meal with another expat; all the familiar context, don't ya know...