Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shopping with Preethi

Today I went shopping for clothes for RuthAnne. Preethi, one of the engineers at work, allowed herself to be drafted as my guide and fashion consultant.

Disclaimer: Preethi's assistance notwithstanding, I take full responsibility for for any "Omygod, Dad, I can't wear THAT!" moments...

Our first stop was Westside, where we got these:

These pants (salwar?) go with either of the first two tops.

There's a white pair of pants to go with this top/slip combo, or the next item...

Our next stop was Kalanjali. This place has amazing fabrics. We came away with these two items:

What you can't tell from the pictures is that both skirts are "krinkle" fabric; they are much fuller than they look. I think they will both be great for contra dancing.

Our final stop was (I think) "Brand Mart" on Road #2 near Southern Spice. This was, to my eyes, disappointing, but I'll go back again sometime when I'm not shopped out, and after I get feedback on the stuff I already have. [hint, hint]

We ate lunch at Basil, a pure veg restaurant on the 4th floor of the same building. The food was fine, though not really remarkable; the ambience was nice, and the price (for the buffet) very reasonable.

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