Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Little Italy

Oh, no, another restaurant review.

This is my second visit to Little Italy; I first noticed it two weeks ago on the way in to work and ate there that night on the way home. I've been consistently delighted with the food. It's really an Italian restaurant, with no compromise with Indian preferences on either the menu or prep. Both times I've had crostini de la casa, soup and a "first course" selection. The crostini is slices of crisped bread with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, onions and garlic. Both the minestrone (first visit) and passate di verdure were delicious soups. The mellenzana parmigiana was tasty and filling, and the tortellini del casale (torts w/mushroom) was actually made on the premises and outstanding. The waiter didn't miss a beat when I asked for parmesan cheese; he walked to the counter, pulled out a shaker and brought it over. Amazing.

I skipped dessert on this trip, but the first time I had a slice of absolutely killer blueberry cheesecake. I suspect the coffee is worth trying, too. The Fosters is, of course, Fosters. :-)

All this comforting Western familiarity doesn't come cheap; tonight's bill was Rs.740, and the first night's tab was even higher (the cheesecake...). But as an occasional treat, it's well worth it.

Little Italy is on the extension of Road #12 that skirts the southern edge of KBR Park, close to Apollo Hospital.

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