Sunday, June 17, 2007

Durgam Cheruvu

Today I'm trying something new - a non-linear blog. I've uploaded an annotated GPS track of today's bike ride, along with pictures. I'm curious how well this works, so comments are encouraged.

More linearly: I got up this morning and resumed my search for a back-roads only way to Durgam Cheruvu ("Secret Lake"). I started this search on Wednesday morning and was stymied by misleading/inaccurate maps, both paper and Google Earth images. Today I discovered a sneaky little cut-through (only usable on a bicycle) that did the trick. I wandered around in the tony enclaves of Jubilee hills, eventually finding the official Durgam Cheruvu park, which offers lovely views of the lake. It seems to be quite a hangout for couples; they were snuggled together all over the place in the park, and I felt a little sheepish intruding on them as I walked around.

On the way back I stopped and ate lunch at Hampi, a new (to me) restaurant; the buffet was quite good, and I'll certainly be going back.

I returned home via the dense, mostly Islamic urban area to the west of my home. It was pleasing to finally make my way through here; I've been eying this route for weeks, after turning back on an earlier attempt in the other direction.

One thing my trips have ascertained: Hyderabad is not flat. There were several times today when I got off the bike and walked down a hill because I wasn't confident that my brakes and tires would hold me if I needed to stop in a hurry.

A postscript: Hyderabad continues to offer up gorgeous sunsets.

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