Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too tired...

Man, oh man, what a day. I've been going since 7:45, and I'm just going to knock out a few words and then hit the sack.

Supper last night was exceptionally weird. I tried to find the 6pack in Film Nagar, but traffic was intense, and it was dark, so I gave up and asked my driver (Ramreddy; Srinivas is in Tirupati this week) to take me to Little Italy (just around the corner). As usual, the food was good, but expensive; garlic bread, spagetti puttanesca, fresh lime soda, ice cream and cappuccino set me (well, IBM) back over Rs. 800. But the music was dreadful - bad covers of pop tunes of the 70s - such hits as "I can see Clearly Now", "El Condor Pasa", "Silence is Golden", "Stand by your Man" - you get the idea. It was brutal.

Got home, FINALLY got moved into my upstairs room (it's really nice), set up the laptop and called Katy. Network problems all night; I think one of the other guests has a flakey, manually-configured wifi setup. Anyway, my call was a bit short.

Also got news that IBM has put a serious clamp on travel. It's a good thing I'm already here, because otherwise I think this trip would have been canned. We still don't know if Andy's will proceed. I had to convert my business class return ticket to coach; I'm trying to wrangle an upgrade for at least the Hyderabad to Frankfurt leg.

Flailing at work today. As last trip, I'm being deluged from all sides. Ah, network flakeys again. enought for now.

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