Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jubilee Hills at Night

I left work relatively early tonight (7PM) to meet Rahul and his wife for dinner. Rahul is the son of Vijaya, who was my landlady the last time I visited Hyderabad. Rahul works for Microsoft; he went to the Chennai IIT and did (I believe) graduate work in the U.S. He got married last year, not long after I returned to Cambridge. Sadly, I can't recall his wife's name; she is a writer at an advertising agency in Banjara Hills, and is from Chennai; she and Rahul met while he was in school.

From Jubilee Hills at Night

They are an interesting couple, and very much what I expect is the face of the India in the 21st century - or, at least, urban, professional India.

I stopped on the way to Chutney's at FabIndia and bought four new kurtas:
  • a long, plain cotton for use as pajamas
  • a long, pretty print cotton
  • a short, short-sleeve cotton "work shirt"
  • a long, brownish-red, lightweight silk-cotton blend for Shivani's wedding on Sunday
After dinner I stopped briefly to see Rahul's apartment in Banjara Hills (it's in a fabulous location, just northwest of Southern Spice, near Stone Valley) and then went home to Jubilee Hills and took the following pictures.

From my room's balconey I can look down and across the street and see this house.

From Jubilee Hills at Night

For the past few days something has been going on (a wedding, I suspect): lots of lights, music (drumming and horns), and many, many guests. I walked out and got these pictures.

The front gate, flash lit

The front gate, by the more interesting available light

Peering through an opening in the fence

Returning to my room, I took these pictures.

The lights of Jubilee Hills

This one is just plain weird; I was trying to get a picture of the full moon, fiddling around with exposures, and ended up making it look like the midday sun.

Finally, this critter was on the wall when I went back inside.

From Jubilee Hills at Night

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