Friday, August 31, 2007

What is friendship?

An IBM internal blog lead me to a collection of blog entries about friendship and trust that I'm still reading and digesting. Here are a few links:

I may write more about this later (I'm at work and have to keep this brief), but for now: my months in Hyderabad have made me more dependent on - and appreciative of - Internet contact, while at the same time shoving my face in the limitations of the Internet. Much food for thought.

Update, January 2010: Some of the links died. I was able to update the link to Stowe (not Steve, as I originally wrote) Boyd, but Anne Zelenka's link seems to be gone for good (Update: I actually found it on the Internet Wayback Machine). The closest I could find is this post from a year earlier

It's ironic that a post about how dependent I am on the Internet would up highlighting its fragility.

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