Saturday, August 25, 2007

Three more nights...

...and then I return to Hyderabad for the last portion of my 6 month assignment in India. My feelings about returning are complex. Leaving my family gets harder each time I go back. And yet - Hyderabad feels like "home", too. And I think the work I'm doing with the team in Hyderabad is becoming more fruitful, and I miss my friends and coworkers very much. Argh, life!

I'll try to write soon about our hiking trip in Wyoming's Wind River range, but in the meantime, I've posted a wad of the pictures.

Wind River


  1. Hey can I link your blog on my multiply? I love the pictures you took in Hyderabad...I am back in Singapore and sorely missing Hyderabad...

  2. Sure, link away, and I'll link to yours, too. I'm back in Hyderabad, and I know what you mean about missing it. I'm really happy to be back.