Sunday, September 2, 2007

Monsoon vs. Summer

One thing that struck me my first day back in Hyderabad was how green everything looked. Initially I chaulked it up to faulty memory - but, no, it's real. Here are two pictures of the open land behind my house, the first taken in early April, shortly after I arrived, and the second taken this afternoon. Wow.

Today's bike ride produced a few fun pictures. The first is of a little architectural feature I almost didn't notice; it's pure luck that I glanced up at the right moment. I'm sure there's a story, if only I could find it.

The next I almost missed because signs like this have become mundane to me. I stopped here to buy an extension cord, and only as I was leaving did I think to record the sign.

Finally, there was no way I would have missed this little scene.

I went riding yesterday, too, and came back with these pictures. The first two are of an attractive green spot south of Lumbini Park, on Hill Fort Road. Nothing stunning, just a nice relief from urban Hyderabad.

The next two are temples I rode by - the first rather subline, the second silly (to my Western eyes...).

Next we have the treehouse at the southwest corner of NTR Garden. I now know that it's clearly modeled after a mango tree.

The next two shots are of a work in progress, some new statues in front of the temple near the city library in Khairatabad. I'll have to keep checking back on their progress; this work wasn't even begun back in early August when I last rode by here.

Finally, I was stopped by a train after taking the previous two pictures, and I thought a picture of an Indian passenger train might be of interest.

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  1. Jerry,

    The statues are for Ganesh Chaturthi, which happens towards the end of September. (

    The Khairatabad Ganesh is often the tallest in Hyderabad. This year I think it would be some 40 + feet and has 16 heads!