Saturday, July 28, 2007

Parks, Animals, a Mystery Tomb and 50K

I had another great bike ride today; this was my first 50km day (just barely; 50.3 by the GPS). I visited parks, large and small, saw lots of animals, and discovered a hauntingly beautiful tomb I had no idea existed.

I'll write this up, I promise, but for starters, here's the GPS track and pictures.

July 28

To get right to the interesting bit (at least for me) - I went out past Golconda, on the road that goes east-west between Golconda and the Qutub Shahi tombs, and found another tomb. I have no idea whose it is, and a few minutes of web searching have come up empty. Maybe some local Hyderabadi can tell me more about this tomb?

It has a lovely view of Ibrahim Cheruvu to the south southeast...

...and the Qutub Shahi tombs to the east northeast.

It's unforunately being encroached upon from all sides by development; most distressingly, as I climbed the hilltop for a closer look, there were markers for house plots practically to the edge of the tomb. This beautiful place is going to disappear.

Not far away (and also surrounded by impending development) is this lovely little temple.

On my way out, I passed this spot directly south of the Qutub Shahi tombs. This is a tiny little altar (?), followed by a few of the views to its south.

Yes, my infatuation with Golconda's outer wall continues.

Ah, the countryside. It's amazing to think that this is less than 10 kilometers from my house in highly-urban Banjara Hills.

Of course, urban Hyderabad is not without its charms. While nosing my way toward Road # 10 I took a turn down what I discovered was a dead end - but worth it.

Close by was this little pocket park, complete with kids who insisted I take their picture.

Nehru Park (close to my house) is nice... is the Public Garden (which is much more difficult for me to get to).

And I like the statue of Gandhi in front of the Legislative Assembly.

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