Saturday, July 7, 2007

Exploring the Green Lands

Today's GPS track and pictures; it's looking like rain again, so I'll upload these links and then flesh this out later.

OK, back with details.

I decided today's trip would be to the "Green Lands" area, which is just northeast of Punjagutta, in Ameerpet. I had several reasons for this:
  • I was under some vague impression that I might find electronics stores there; I need to replace some power adapters that were fried in a recent voltage spike.
  • I suspected the presence of guest houses, which I'm on the prowl for.
  • I was curious to see if I could find any of the places mentioned in the blog "Bisyri's Site", a journal being kept by a young Muslim woman from Singapore who's working as an intern for 3 months with an engineering firm ("Maytas"), as a bit of an exercise in sleuthing. (Update: Bisyri's blog died when the hosting organization died. Bummer.)
I struck out in the electronics and guest house categories, but scored on sleuthing. :-)

My first stop, though, was Pedaler's Point in Somaji Guda, where I got my bike. My bell stopped working at the end of my ride last Sunday; I took it apart and discovered that the spring that drives the "return to rest" had broken. I got a replacement bell, but I miss the old one; this bell isn't quite as loud, and volume is a virtue in a bell!

After leaving the bike shop I just wandered aroung Ameerpet and the "Green Lands" area. It's an interesting region; it feels older and more prosperous than Banjara Hills. There are a lot of temples.

I dubbed the first the "Beer Belly" temple.

This turns out to be the temple featured in a post by Bisyri.

Not far away is the Green Lands Guest House. This turns out to be, as far as I can tell, for the use of visiting dignitaries; it was stunningly hi-end. Tucked away in one corner of its extensive lawns is this little temple.

About the time I got there it began to rain; it drizzled for most of the remainder of the trip (I got home quite wet). I waited under the portico of the guest house for a break in, or at least a let-up of, the rain. I stopped again a little while later at the Sheraton for the same reason.

[to be continued...]

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