Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harvest Time... Cambridge, not Hyderabad. Katy plucked basil and made pesto yesterday and sent these pictures.

The crop....

Cleaned and ready for the food processor...


I'm looking forward to fresh pesto when I get home in August.


  1. wow. thats a lot of pesto!!!
    ive been looking for a basil plant in hyderabad for so long now... bumped into this post and was all excited. and then found out that it was in CA. sigh

  2. Hmm, surely basil must be grown in India, I think I've tasted it in some of the dishes I've had in restaurants in Hyderabad. I would think it would LOVE the Hyderabad climate; basil likes full sunlight and does well in moderately sandy soil, it seems.

    BTW, this basil was grown in Cambridge Massachusetts, not California. Go, New England backyard farmers!