Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Supper at home

I've been eating nearly all of my non-breakfast meals out for the past month. Let's face it: I can get a great meal for under $5, with no cleanup, no hot kitchen... eating out is the rational thing to do.

Still - I do miss putzing around in the kitchen, so tonight I came home and made this for supper.

Clockwise from the top:

  • curd (yogurt)

  • mutter paneer (cheese and peas in spicy tomato sauce)

  • mango nectar

  • basmati rice

  • ginger pickle

  • cooked potatos

OK, so I didn't really make all of it; the mutter paneer was microwaved from a pouch, the pickle was spooned from a bottle, the mango nectar came from a carton, and the curd is not homemade. But I did cook the rice and potato (in my trusty pressure cooker), and I did eat at home.

Bon appetit!

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