Friday, May 11, 2007

A Care Package

Actually, several care packages: one physical, others electronic.

I got a call around mid-afternoon from a UPS delivery agent, asking me to meet him at the IBM mail room to accept a package. Katy had warned me that a package was on the way, so I wasn't entirely surprised.

What was a surprise was the Rs.1511.31 customs fee! Whatever it was had a declared value of $100; India assessed 36% duty, and UPS added another percent for acting as the government's agent. Call it $37! Outrageous!

But - it was worth it.

Yes, it's a one cup coffee funnel, filters, and a half pound or so of (presumably) my beloved Kona blend. After a month of decidedly less than wonderful coffee, it was a real treat.

But best of all was a very sweet note from Katy. It's a good thing India can't assess customs on what that is worth to me...

The electronic packages (courtesy of gmail, with no duty assessed...) contained pictures of home. Here are two of my favorites. RuthAnne at the kitchen table, in a skirt Katy bought last weekend at NEFFA:

And some gorgeous flowers from the garden:

Thanks, hon.

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