Sunday, May 6, 2007

Exploring on bike

I woke up yesterday (Saturday) to beautiful biking conditions: the sky was a bit overcast, and it was still cool from the light rain we had overnight. I hopped on my bike and headed out, with a vague goal of finding Apollo Hospital (I pass signs for it every day on the ride to work). I took the GPS, which recorded this track of my wanderings.

I soon found myself wandering around in "MLA Colony". (A "colony" is basically a neighborhood; I haven't yet discovered what the "MLA" means.) I pulled off the road onto a rise behind this house to look around.

Here's a closer look at that enormous graphic on the side of the house. An India mixed Morris jig?

In a classic bit of contrast, this fellow was wandering around in the scrub just behind that elegant house.

The open land isn't really completely undeveloped; there are these walls all through it. I'd love to know what the story is behind these: are they new? Very old?

Descending from the knoll, I passed by this pond on the way back to the road. They're hard to see, but there are what I think are herons wading about.

I left the colony and headed back out the Road #12 and on toward Apollo Hospital. I found it; it's big. In the parking area I met these critters...

..and saw another sign I like.

Finally I wandered home, stopping for ice cream and a few other detours along the way. One of them took me past this example of, ah, "interesting" Hyderabad architecture.

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