Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Service with a snarl

Ah, what a cap to a difficult week. The business that brought me to Montpellier concluded late this afternoon with, ah, well, "less than success," shall we say. Grumble - we were starting to get the technical issues under control, but events intervened.

Shyam and I walked back to the hotel, changed, and toddled over to "L'Arlequin for supper. Our waiter wasn't exactly happy to see us, it seemed, and at the very end of the meal, as he hurriedly dropped dessert menus on the table, he knocked over my wine - into Shyam's lap. No apology was offered. This, I guess, passes for hospitality.

I managed to spend 7 days in southern France without spending a single daylight hour outside of the office. A business trip, indeed. I'll be happy to be back in dirty, cold, noisy Boston.

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