Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pizza Day

Well, pizza night, but close enough. I ate at Don Camillo pizzeria; a large, fresh salad, 9 inch ("petite") pizza and a carafe of wine for Euros 26.20. Not even close to last night in value, but the food was nice, the ambience was quiet, and I enjoyed it.

I just realized that, of course, when I update my Google Map for Montpellier, new content shows up no matter when I made the link, so I'll stop sprinkling this page with redundant maps.

Eventually I'll start taking pictures, but I already feel like a real rube, and hauling out the camera at night (the only time I seem to have to myself on this trip) for flash photos just feels too much like taping a "Kick me!" sign to my butt.

It's incredibly annoying not to be able to get IBM network access working thru Orange; I have a lot to say on my internal IBM blog and no way to say it. I'm keeping notes in an emacs buffer; hopefully I'll get around to posting once I get back online.

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