Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling Leaves

It's mid-October and the leaves around Boston are finally turning - a little late this year, it seems to me. Each day my drive into work gives me more glorious, multi-colored trees. I'll need to start the raking this weekend.

With autumn as background, today I received the sad news that Deborah Goessling, the wife of my former colleague and friend Dan Goesssling, died unexpectedly this past Monday night. I didn't know Deb well, but I was close to Dan during my 5 year stint at IBM, and we've stayed in touch.

I only just discovered that Deb has been blogging for the past two years, with the focus of her blog being her lived experience with ALS. Her most recent entry was two weeks ago. I wish I'd known about her blog earlier; it offered a vivid and upbeat window into her life.

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