Saturday, September 6, 2008

Energy Balls in the blogospheric echo chamber

A recent posting on Engadget about a new spherical wind turbine design by "the Swedish company Home Energy" caught my attention:

I wanted more information, so I started following links back the chain of blogs - sort of a game of telephone - looking for a link to the company that makes these. No luck. So I turned to Google, and quickly found Home Energy International, a Dutch company. It's amazing to me that none of the previous bloggers did any fact checking - something always to bear in mind when reading blogs...

Anyway - a few of the specs for the turbine:

  • Rated power, 10 m/s wind: 100W
  • Max power, 17 m/s wind: 500W
And it's supposedly very quiet, unlike many small turbines.

Update: All Small Wind Turbines has a list of small wind turbines. Cool!

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